ASEAN Font For Android System/ฟอนต์พม่าลาวและกัมพูชา(เขมร)



Khmer/Cambodia and ASEAN Font For Android Mobile System (Support All Model)
GS_Khmer.ttf / GS_Khmer_111220.TTF
GP_Khmer.ttf / GP_Khmer_111220.TTF
SamsungKhmer.ttf / Samsung Khmer.TTF
DroidSansKhmer.ttf / Droid Sans Khmer.TTF
DroidSansKhmer-Bold.ttf / Droid Sans Khmer Bold.TTF
NokiaPureS40KHMR_Rg.ttf / Nokia Pure S40 KHMR.TTF
NokiaPureS40KHMR_Bd.ttf / Nokia Pure S40 KHMR Bold.TTF
Noto Serif Khmer.ttf
Noto Sans Khmer.ttf
Thai/Myanmar/Lao and Asian Font For Android Mobile System (Support All Model)
ZawgyiOne.ttf (Myanmar)
SamsungLao.ttf / Samsung Lao.TTF
Phetsarath_OT.ttf (Lao)
GS_Thai.ttf / GS_Thai_111220.TTF
GP_Thai.ttf / GP_Thai_111220.TTF
SamsungThai.ttf / Samsung Thai.TTF
DroidSansThai.ttf / Droid Sans Thai.TTF
NokiaPureS40THAI_Rg.ttf / Nokia Pure S40 THAI.TTF
NokiaPureS40THAI_Bd.ttf / Nokia Pure S40 THAI Bold.TTF


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